Society for the Scientific Investigation of Anomalous Atmospheric and Radar Phenomena

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MUFON-CES is the
Central European Section of the Mutual UFO Network. For 30 years MUFON-CES has worked on elevating the discussion about UFOs to a scientific level and inform its peers about the phenomenon. Click here to learn about MUFON-CES.

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"New UFO cases, statistics update and a few thoughts" | by Hannes la Rue, June 29th, 2001
[HTML] News page
[PDF | 31 KB] UFO statistics: 1974 - March 2001
[PDF | 482 KB] Type catalogue: Update June 2001 (german)
"The Physics of Burkhard Heim and its Applications to Space Propulsion" | by Illobrand von Ludwiger, M.Sc., prepared for the presentation at the First European Workshop on Field Propulsion, January 20-22, 2001 at the University of Sussex, Brighton, GB
abstract [HTML ] [PDF | 10 KB]
paper [PDF | 2.3 MB]
paper [ZIPped PDF | 2.0 MB]
"The Greifswald Lights" | example for a Class B UFO report | by Illobrand von Ludwiger
[HTML] [PDF | 4.4 MB]
"The Plauen Case" | example for a Class A UFO report | excerpt from “Best UFO Cases - Europe“, by I. von Ludwiger, pp. 26,27 | available from the National Institute for Discovery Science
[HTML] [PDF | 1.2 MB]
"UFOs over Europe - Type Catalogue" | 280 Drawings of unidentified flying objects investigated by MUFON-CES (by the end of 1999) | german preview
[HTML] [PDF | 9.3 MB]
"Main discovery of the outgoing century - The humanity as intellect-carrier is not alone in the universe" | overview on the russian state of UFO research by Vladimir Azhazha, Moscow UFO Center, December 2000
[PDF | 1.4 MB]

Archived press releases:

MUFON-CES demands professional UFO reporting and investigation center
April 10 2002
Military pilots encounter UFO in prohibited turkish airspace
Sep. 6 2001
German Physicist Burkhard Heim has died
Jan. 31 2001
UFO turned out to be an RAF helicopter
Nov. 17 2000

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